G-ADSR  Armstrong Whitworth AW27 Ensign                  (c/n  AW.1157)


                                    Here's a nice Sir W.G. Armstrong Ltd photograph of the second AW.27, named "Egeria".  In 1934
                                    Imperial Airways issued a specification for a high density airliner for their London-Paris run.  Armstrong
                                    Whitworth were busy with Whitley bomber production at the time and hence the Ensigns were built at
                                    the Air Service Training workshops at Hamble.  However, constant detail changes requested by Imperial
                                    Airways (a trend that was repeated after the war by BOAC with regard to several aircraft) resulted in the
                                    Ensign being two years late in entering service.  In fact, the first flight of G-ADSR, the prototype, did not
                                    take place until 24 January 1938.   In all 14 Ensigns were eventually to be flown by the airline.  When
                                    BOAC was formed in September 1939 most of the existing machines passed to the new corporation,
                                    several, including G-ADSS, not being retired until 1947..  Seen below is a covey of AW27s at Croydon
                                    in 1939.  They are, from left to right:
                                                            G-ADSR Ensign;    G-ADSU Euterpe;    G-ADSV Explorer
Note Handley Page HP.42 G-AAXC Heracles on extreme right.