G-ACYI  Westland C.L.20 Autogiro                          (c/n  WA.2351F)


                                      I assume that it was Westland's experience with pre-WW II autogiros which gave them the edge
                                      as regards representing Sikorsky in Europe and gleaning rights to produce their helicopters. Since
                                      then, of course, Westland has gone on to be one of the world's major producers of rotary wing
                                      machines.  The C.L.20 was produced in conjunction with the Cierva Company and the French
                                      designer M. Lapere.   The latter gentleman worked for Liore et Olivier, licensee for production
                                      of Cierva Autogiros in France.    Unfortunately series production of this promising machine had
                                      to be curtailed due to Westland's involvement in the shadow of impending hostilities in the late
                                     1930s.   G-ACYI was broken up in 1938.