G-ACUX  Short S.16 Scion I                                    (c/n  S.776)


                                     G-ACUX, the third production Scion, was ordered by Major H. Hemming's Papuan Concessions
                                     Ltd for operation from Port Moresby.  It was the first of its kind to be mounted on floats.   Upon
                                     arriving it New Guinea it was re-registered VH-UUP.  It was a feature of the landscape in and
                                     around Sid Marshall's hangar at Sydney's Bankstown Airport when when I used to visit there in
                                     the early 1950s.  By that time it had been given a conventional wheeled undercarriage.  The twin
                                     engines were Pobjoy Niagara IIIs of 90 h.p. each.