G-ACKL  de Havilland D.H.85 Leopard Moth                  (c/n  7009)


                                      The Leopard Moth was the successor to the Puss Moth.  The steel tube of the latter design was
                                      replaced by the spruce and plywood box which was to become the de Havilland standard in the
                                      mid to late 1930s.   This lighter construction coupled with more power obtained from its Gipsy
                                      Major engine produced a lively machine.   In fact, the prototype, having first flown on 27 May
                                      1933 at Stag Lane, went on to win the 1933 King's Cup Air Race at Hendon just two weeks
                                      later.   132 examples were built, deemed to be a roaring commercial success in those days.
                                      G-ACKL was impressed into the RAF in 1940 as BD169, although came to grief at Halfpenny
                                      Green in August of 1941.   It would have been repaired had there not been a war on, but in
                                      the event was scrapped.