G-ACJI  Short S.16 Scion I                                 (c/n  S.766)


                                        This was the Scion prototype.  First flight was 18 August 1933.  It was decked out in what
                                        I refer to as standard "Morris 8" colors.  As the cigarette card reproduction (below)shows
                                        the green and silver livery was reminiscent of the motor car of the same era (1934).  (The
                                        Morris 8,  reproduced at the very bottom for comparative purposes, came from a set of
                                        Brook Bond Tea cards).   Anyway G-ACJI was impressed into the RAF in 1940 anmd
                                        became X9375.  Presumably it was scrapped somewhere along the way. 


                                    1934 Morris 8