G-ACGA  Avro 639 Cabin Cadet                      (c/n  639)


                                  Interesting how Avro sometimes contrived to have the c/n the same as the model number.  They
                                  did that on several occasions.  Anyway, this aircraft was the sort of forerunner to the Type 642
                                  Commodore, not that that machine enjoyed a long production run in itself . The Cabin Cadet was
                                  a one-off and, frankly, didn't seem to resemble a Cadet very much at all.    G-ACGA was scrap-
                                  ped in 1936.   One wonders what the business plan was which caused it to be designed and built
                                  in the first place?   If one says "Well, the Depression was still affecting light plane sales" then why
                                  devote resources to it?  I am sure the decision makers of those days have long gone to their own
                                  maker and hence this will probably always be an unanswered question.