G-ABCJ  Saro A.19 Cloud                              (c/n  A19/1)


                                      Here's a nice Saunders-Roe Ltd photograph of the first A19 Cloud, initially flown on 16 July 1930
                                      with the Class B registration L.4..   This aircraft spent three years in Canada as CF-ARB and then
                                      returned to Saunders-Roe where it served as a test bed in which its two 300 h.p. Wright J-6 Whirl-
                                      winds were swapped out for a pair of Napier Rapier IVs, developing some 340 h.p.each. Twenty
                                      Clouds were built (considered a successful run in those days) of which 16 were used by the RAF
                                      for pilot and navigator training.   G-ABCJ was withdrawn from use in 1936.