G-AASI   Hawker Tomtit                                    (c/n  12)


                                         This civil Tomtit was built by Hawkers as a private venture.      It featured a Cirrus Hermes engine
                                         in place of the normal Armstrong-Siddeley Mongoose of the RAF trainer's variety.  It was owned
                                         at one time by Sir William Morris who kept it at Brooklands where this photo was taken.    It was
                                         later sold to
Capt John G Hopcraft at Hatfield  .       Hopcraft used it in the 1936 Isle of Man race
                                         when he came second.  He later sold it to Bill Humble.       Hawker could probably 
have sold a lot
                                         more of them to private owners, but were unable to ramp up production due to their commitment
                                         to build Harts for the RAF.