F-WAVA  Sud-Est S.E. 2010 Armagnac                              (c/n  01)


                                  The prototype Armagnac was first flown on 2 April 1949, and it is seen in these SNCASE images
                                  above and below.      The large four engined transport was designed for Air France, although that
                                  carrier refused to accept them.   Only 8 of the original 15 machines were completed, four of which
                                  went to TAI.     Seven S.E.2010s were used later by SAGETA (Société Auxiliaire de Gérance et
                                  d'Exploitation de Transport Aériens), in support of the French military action in Indo-China (the
                                  forerunner of the Vietnamese War) and performed sterling duty in carrying troops and material from
                                  Toulouse to Saigon during that campaign.