F-WASK  Breguet 761S  Deux Ponts                     (c/n  02)


                                       The Breguet 761 was designed as early as 1944, although the prototype, F-WFAM, did not fly
                                       until February of 1949.   This was followed by three pre-production aircraft of which F-WASK
                                       seen above in this manufacturer's photograph was the second.   The large profile area ahead
                                       of the wings prompted the addition of the third central fin.   French registrations in the "W" series
                                       are assigned to prototype and pre-production aircraft, this being changed to "B" after the machine
                                       is fully certified.   At the time the above shot was taken the aircraft was still wearing a "W" style rego.
                                       For the purposes of my idex, however, I will sequence such registrations as if they were actually in
                                       the "B"  series.