F-BHBA  Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation         (c/n  4620)


                                         A not very good Lockheed photograph (although I acquired it from Air France) of the carrier's
                                         first "true" L-1049G  (i.e. not a converted L-1049C).    It was probably taken in June of 1955.
                                         since the aircraft came on line in July of that year.  Smoggy/foggy conditions prevail in Burbank
                                         at that time of year (I lived in and around "the Valley" for nigh on a quarter century).  The phen-
                                         omenon is known locally as "June Gloom".   Anyway. some 14 L-1049Gs were purchased in
                                         1955/56 for the overseas routes and served the line until the delivery of their Boeing 707s. in
                                         the early 1960s.