F-BGNA   Lockheed L-1049C Super Constellation             (c/n  4510)


                                    In 1953 Air France ordered 10 Super Connies for the North Atlantic trade.  All were later con-
                                    verted to (first) L-1049E, and later still to full L-1049G status, except the one above.  This aircraft,
                                    after just over one year's service ran out of fuel whilst diverting from Idlewild (JFK now) to Boston
                                    on 3 August 1954.    The ILS approach into  New York had been discontinued because of unexpect-
                                    ed heavy turbulence, pouring rain and low ceiling.    The crew then elected to divert to Boston, but
                                    fuel exhaustion forced the flight to carry out a  belly landing in a field near Preston, Connecticut.  The
                                    aircraft was consumed by fire, although fortunately all 27 souls aboard escaped with their lives.
"Inadequate in-flight planning" was given as the cause of the accident.