F-BBDI  Douglas DC-4-1009                                       (c/n  42941)


                                     Nostalgic shot of a DC-4 taken from under the wing of another in the line up.  Le Bourget, circa
                                     1948.   F-BBDI was one of fifteen brand new DC-4s acquired by the airline in 1946.  They were
                                     used almost exclusively on Air France's African routes.  This machine, after a decade and a half of
                                     service with the French national carrier served another fifteen years on lease to various African air-
                                     lines (Air Afrique, Air Madagascar, Air Mauritanie, et al) and was finally impounded and stored
                                      in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1979, whilst in the service of Arax Airlines as 5N-ARC.   It probably rotted
                                      away there.