F-BAZM  Lockheed L-749 Constellation                              (c/n 2545)


                                   F-BAZM was actually the first Constellation delivered to Air France (on 25 August 1947).
                                   Unfortunately, the only photograph Air France deigned to offer me of it was this almost head-
                                   on shot.   Strange that the starboard wheel is fully retracted but the port one is only half way
                                   up.  Like the rest of the L-749s, it was converted to full L-749A status soon after delivery.
                                   In 1961 it was sold to the Service Generale de l'Aviation Civile (SGAC - the French Depart-
                                   ment of Civil Aviation).   F-BAZM crashed on Mount Lapalme near Perpignan on 11 January
                                   1963.   A commemorative plaque now marks the crash site.