F-BAXB   Douglas DC-3D                                 (c/n  42971) 


                                          F-BAXB has just started engines prior to making another trip from Le Bourget, circa 1948.
                                       .  Note Amiot AAC-1s (Junkers Ju 52s) in background.    This aircraft was one of a batch of
                                          4 "new" DC-3Ds purchased by the airline from Douglas in 1946.   F-BAXB was lost under
                                          rather extraordinary circumstances.  On 11 August 1951 it was testing  a new type of air
                                          scoop fitted to one of the engines.   This engine was either stopped deliberately or failed in
                                          flight and, when attempting to restart it, the captain stalled the aircraft resulting in severe
                                          buffeting which virtually broke the aircraft apart.  It crashed at  Moisville, France killing the
                                          five persons on board.