F-BAVD  Sud-Est S.E.2010 Armagnac                                       (c/n  4)


                               F-BAVD was the first production Armagnac and went into service with Transporte Aeriens
                               Intercontinentaux (TAI) on 8 December 1952.    The carrier soon found out why Air France
                               had rejected them.  They were uneconomical to operate and far too expensive to run and make
                               a profit from on commercial routes.   The aircraft did, however, perform excellent service with
                               SAGETA in support of the Indo-China conflict and proved to be very reliable.  Being seconded
                               to the French military for this role, operating expenses were immaterial.  One Armagnac was later
                               used as a turbo-prop test bed with the Sud-Ouest under the designation S.O.2060.