F-APMA   Farman F.224                                       (c/n  01)


                                         There can be little doubt that the Farman organization was responsible for turning out some of the
                                         world's ugliest aircraft.  The tradition begun with the ghastly looking Jabiru and earlier Goliath was
                                         continued into the 1930s, although on a grander scale.  The F.224 was a development of the F.2200
                                         and was powered by four 815 h.p. Gnome-Rhone 14K twin-row radials mounted in tandem at the
                                         end of stubby wings protruding from the lower fuselage.   Although six were ordered for Air France's
                                         Paris-London service  they were never delivered to the airline, and were diverted to the French Air
                                         Force instead.    The reason given (by Air France) was that they were already outdated by the time
                                         they were delivered.   Notwithstanding that,  the prototype, above, is seen in the airline's blue and
                                         silver livery.