F-AMYD  Wibault-Penhoet 283.T12                          (c/n   11)


                                   The Wibault-Penhoet 283.T12 was a development of the earlier model 282.T12 which had been
                                   put into service by Air France forerunner Air Union.  When Air France was formed in 1933 it ord-
                                   ered ten of the modified 283 models.  Noticeable difference between this and the earlier Wibaults
                                   were the huge undercarriage pants.   Despite this enormous side area, it is interesting to note that
                                   tail surfaces were not enlarged.   F-AMYD was destroyed in a crash at Kasperske Hory, Czecho-
                                   slovakia on 24 December 1937.  It was on a flight from Bucharest to Paris via Vienna and Prague.
                                   Just prior to its landing in Vienna the captain was advised by Austrian air traffic control to change
                                   course resulting in its impacting a mountain.  Visibility was poor with heavy snow falling at the time.
                                   The true cause of the accident was never determined.  The single passenger aboard along with the
                                   crew of two perished.   My image above is from a pre-WW II Air France post card.    It was also
                                   the subject of the John Player & Sons International Air Liners cigarette card set (No 15) distributed
                                   in 1938 (below).