F-AMMY  Dewoitine 332                                             (c/n   1)


                                      This is a mid-1930s post card image of the prototype of the Dewoitine 330 series seen at Schiphol
                                      Airport, Amsterdam in November of 1933.   F-AMMY ("Emeraude") was, in fact, the only 332
                                      built and was the progenitor of a line of transports which would go on to become the backbone of
                                      Air France's long range transports up until the outbreak of WW II.   F-AMMY first flew on 11 July
                                     1933 and made many highly publicized flights to Africa, the Far East and to the USSR.  It was follow-
                                     ed by three Dewoitine 333 examples and some 29 of the larger 338 model.  On 14 January 1934,
                                     whilst returning from a triumphant flight to Saigon, F-AMMY crashed at Corbigny, France in bad
                                     weather.  All seven souls aboard were  killed.