F-AJUC  Fokker F.VIIa                                     (c/n  5227)


                                Built as PH-AFG in June 1930, this F.VIIa was sold to Societe de Transports Aerien Rapides
                                (STAR) the following month.   It then passed to Societe de Transports Francais.  I suspect it
                                was owned by that latter company when the above shot, from the Martin Radford collection,
                                was taken.   F-AJUC was one of three F.VIIas fitted with a 450 hp Lorraine engine.   When
                                STAR folded F-AJUC was sold ito the Algerian airline Lignes Aeriennes Nord Africaines
                                (LANA).   It is then reputed to have been sold in Ethiopia and subsequently destroyed in a
                                ground attack between Korem and Beles on 17 March 1936.