F-ADDT   Farman F.60 Goliath                                      (c/n 6935)


                                           Developed from the World War I bomber, the Farman F.60 was modified to carry 12/14
                                           passengers.  Some 60 odd were modified/built (including 8 in Czechoslovakia) and used by
                                           several early airlines, not only in France but also by SNETA in Belgium and CSA in Czech-
                                           slovakia    .  F-ADDT was originally owned by the Compagnie des Grands Express Aeriens
                                           (CGEA) and sold to Air Union in 1922 who named it 'Languedoc', and operated it on their
                                           Paris-Croydon route. ..   It crashed at Marden Emergency Landing Strip near Tonbridge, Kent
                                           on 23 April 1931 whilst on a mail run.  It was probably w/o (scrapped?) following this accident.          
                                           The above print was unearthed in the archives of the Civil Aviation Historical Society in Melbourne,