EI-ABI  D.H.84 Dragon                                 (c/n  6076)


                           Aer Lingus (Gaelic for Air Line) was formed on 22 May 1936.  EI-ABI was its first (and, at the time,
                           only) aircraft.  It was Blackpool and West Coast Air's former G-ACPY, and was named "Iolar"
                           (Eagle) in Aer Lingus service..   The first route was between Baldonnel Airport, Dublin and Bristol.
                           EI-ABI was returned to the UK register in 1938 as G-ACPY.  It departed St. Mary's in the Scilly
                           Isles for Land's End on 3 June 1941.  Wearing pseudo camouflage and civilian registration underlined
                           in red white and blue, it was attacked and destroyed by a He 111H4 which shot it down with its nose
                           gun.  Hardly an even match.  All five passengers and the pilot were killed.   The Dragon EI-AFK has
                           recently been restored as EI-ABI, and is flying as such.  The above shot is of the original and was taken
                           at Baldonnel in 1936.