EC-ADH  Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.21                             (c/n 12776)


                                   Somewhat surprisingly, the Spanish givernment permitted, in 1948, the formation of a private company,
                                   Aviacion y Comercio (AVIACO, sometimes AYC) , to undertake freight operations both domestically
                                   within Spain and also to the Balearic Islands and Marseilles.   A fleet of four Bristiol 170s was acquired
                                   initially.  Later, routes would be established to Spanish Africa, and passenger rights were obtained in the
                                   early 1950s. The company grew to be a large concern until 1998 when it was merged into Iberia.
                                   EC-ADH was the former G-AIFP.   On 13 March 1959 the aircraft was on a flight from Palma de
                                   Mallorca to Menorca-Mahon Airport in Spain when it suddenly went into a right bank from a height
                                   of approximately 120m and crashed.   Wind shear or extremely windy conditions were thought to be
                                   the cause.