D-ANUB  Lockheed L-1649 Starliner               (c/n  1034)


                                         Some airlines, and Lufthansa were notorious for doing it, sent me images which, as collector's
                                         pieces and as historical mementos were worthless.   I normally don't even display them but I
                                         thought I would give an example of one.  Clearly this shot has been so doctored as to make
                                         it virtually useless.  I assume that it came originally from Lockheed (who did not produce such
                                         high quality prints of their aircraft as either Douglas or Convair did), but why they didn't take an
`                                        actual photo of a Lufthansa Starliner rather than paint the markings either on a unmarked machine
                                         or over the livery of another carrier (TWA?) I really do not know.  I have tried to clean it up but
                                         it still has that airbrushed look.  Had this been the real c/n 1034 it would have been one of five
                                         of this rare and ultimate model of Constellation operated by the airline, just prior to their receiving
                                         Boeing 707s.