D-717  Fokker-Grulich F.II                               (c/n 1570)


                                   Originally delivered to Deutsche Aero Lloyd in 1922, this aircraft was named 'Weichsel'.
                                   It is seen above in this shot from the Gunther Ott collection after it had passed to Deutsche
                                   Luft Hansa (DLH) in 1926.  It was eventually re-registered D-OVAZ, and by that time had
                                   been converted to Fokker F.IIb standard. .. The F.ll was one of the first practical passenger
                                   transport aircraft in the world and some 30 were built, most being constructed under licence
                                   by Grulich in Germany.
(In 1920 Anthony Fokker made the decision to transfer his activities
                                   to a new factory in the Netherlands, initially in north Amsterdam, and later at Veere).