D-1416  Focke Wulf A17 Mowe                                 (c/n  48)


                                  Two very rough images of one of the most important of the early Deutsche Luft Hansa aircraft.
                                  The Gnome Rhone Jupiter powered machines formed the backbone of DLH's fleet in the late
                                  1920s.   D-1416 named "Osnabruck" served the line from 1928 until 1933.  Seen below is
                                  the nose of D-1403 "Luneberg".  It also flew for a similar period, but crashed at Luneberg itself
                                  in December of 1933.   This large (wing span 65 ft) monoplane was well liked by its passengers
                                  for its very stable ride.   A crew of two was normally carried.