D-1929  Dornier Do X                                                   (c/n  1)


                                 Launched in 1929, the appropriately registered giant 52 ton 100 passenger Do X was clearly twenty
                                 years ahead of its time.  DLH planned to use the mammoth 'boat on trans-Atlantic services.   Unfort-
                                 unately the twelve engined machine was grossly underpowered and, even the substitution of the original
                                 Seimens Jupiter air cooled radials with Curtiss Conquerers in 1930 did little to enhance its performance.
                                 Several long distance flight were made, including the infamous North Atlantic crossing which took a
                                 couple of years to complete, dogged as the craft was with mechanical problems.   It was finally put on
                                 exhibit in 1934 in the Deutschen Luftfahrtmuseum in Berlin.  The Do X was unfortunately destroyed in
                                 1945 during an allied air raid,