CS-AAJ  D.H.88 Comet                                          (c/n  1994)


                                   Five D.H.88 Comets were built.  The first three, G-ACSP, G-ACSR and G-ACSS were given
                                   their certificates of airworthiness in time for the 1934 MacRobertson Air Race.  Two others
                                   F-ANPZ and G-ADEF)  were constructed in 1935.  The race was won by the red G-ACSS
                                   "Grosvenor House" and is well documented elsewhere.  The all-black G-ACSP "Black Magic"
                                   withdrew from the race at Allahabad, India.  It was later sold in Portugal as seen above, registered
                                   CS-AAJ and named "Salazar".  Unfortunately the registration was painted on the all black liveried
                                   machine in a very uncontrasty color (red, I believe) and hence very difficult to discern.   This aircraft
                                   was originally acquired to provide a high speed air mail link between Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro
                                   although, in the event, I do not think such flights were ever made.  It did, however, rack up several
                                   high speed runs between Lisbon and London.  CS-AAJ was discovered rotting away in Portugal in
                                  1979.  It was reputed to be under restoration in Derby, England, although the project appears to
                                  have stalled for lack of funding.   For more information on this go to the website: