CH-262  Compte AC-4 Gentleman                (c/n  034)


                                     This diminutive machine was built for Swissair forerunner Ad Astra in 1930.  It was actually used
                                     on domestic scheduled services from Zurich to Lucerne, Basle, Bern and St. Gallen. When ICAO
                                     alloted HB- for the Swiss national markings in 1934 it became HB-IKO.  Around about that time
                                     it had its 115 hp Cirrus Hermes engine exchanged for a 140 hp Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major.
                                     This aircraft is still in existence and flies fairly regularly in air shows in Switzerland.  Ken Tilley took
                                     a shot of it (below) at Ecuvillens in June of 1996.