CH-168  Lockheed Orion 9B                         (c/n 190)


                                     Unfortunately the image on the original of this print, acquired from Swissair in the 1940s, is very
                                     small.  This enlargement, therefore, suffers from lack of clarity.  Swissair purchased two of these
                                     high speed mail/passenger aircraft in 1932.  (The other was CH-167, c/n 189).  They were orig-
                                     inally built with US registrations NC12231 and NC12232 respectively.   In 1934 CH-167 was
                                     re-registered HB-LAH and CH-168 became HB-LAJ.  They were sold in 1935 and wound up
                                     on the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War.   In the 1970s, Orion c/n 180 (NC12222)
                                     was acquired from the Paul Mantz collection and was completely restored as CH-167.  It is now
                                     on display at the Transportation Museum in Lucerne.