YS-012C  Curtiss C-46A                           (c/n  127)


                                  A reproduction from an Esso Air World publication, circa 1960.      Dozens of C-46s found their
                                  way to civil airlines after the war in Latin America.       They were somewhat cheaper than C-47s,
                                  although less reliable.   Aerolineas El Salvador was a small air freight company operating from San
                                  Salvador to Miami, where the above shot was taken.   As far as I can tell, YS-012C was the only
                                  aircraft ever operated by AESA.   On a flight back to San Salvador from Miami 13 February 1965,
                                  the port engine on YS-012C failed shortly after takeoff.        The propeller could not be feathered,
                                  possibly due to oil contamination. A crash-landing was carried out near Miami and the airplane came
                                  to rest in an automobile junk yard.  A further C-46 was slated to be acquired, but this was not taken
partly because Aviateca and Lanica could not countenance such up-start competition in their area.