XA-KIQ      Douglas DC-6B               (c/n  43836)


                                           The big Douglas transports were certainly handsome looking machines.   The DC-6B was
                                           the best of them all, in my opinion.  Smoother flying and more economical than either the
                                           straight DC-6 or the DC-7 series, it saw wide service with the world's airlines in the 1950s
                                           and early 1960s. Strangely, CMA only had two of them (XA-KIR was the other) and sold
                                           them to Northwest after only a year's operation, preferring to run their DC-6s on the L.A.
                                           to Mexico City route instead.  Possibly because their DC-6s were specially fitted with Pratt
                                           & Whitney CV 16-17 engines for hot and high performance.   XA-KIQ became N567 when
                                           in service with Northwest.