VP-TAQ      Lockheed 18-56 Lodestar         (c/n  2543)


                                          In the early 1950s BWIA formed an association with BOAC (in what today would be termed
                                          an "Alliance").  At that time the remaining Lodestars (and all the Vikings and DC-3s) were painted
                                          in a psuedo-BOAC livery complete with white tops and  blue cheat lines and registration letters.
                                          The cabin titling bore "B.W.I.A." and displayed on the nose was a modified Speedbird logo with
                                          BWIA's Winged Lion in a circle in the center.  VP-TAQ went to Canada in the early 1950s as
                                          CF-FSS with H.J. O'Connell Ltd.