VP-BAP  Douglas DC-3                              (c/n  13114)


                                     This rare photograph was taken in 1947 and shows a Bahamas DC-3 before the loose association
                                     with BOAC took place.  Later this machine would have had a psuedo-BOAC style livery complete
                                     with white top, blue cheat line and the registration on the fin and rudder between blue bars. 
                                     VP-BAP was built as a C-47A-20-DK Skytrain (43-93226).  It was civkilianized in 1946 as
                                     NC47259 and sold to Jamaica Airways as VP-JAP.   Bahamas acquired it in 1948.  It was
                                     later sold to BWIA as VP-TBF.  .