TI-160   Douglas DC-3               (c/n  12062)


Transportes Aereos Centro-Americanos (TACA) was founded by Lowell Yerex, a New Zealander,
                                      who had attended university in Valparaiso, Indiana.  In 1931 he founded TACA de Honduras and
                                      expanded his empire over the years into a complex corporate structure involving some six different
                                      TACA lines in as many countries in Latin America.  (He also founded [in 1939] British West Indies
                                      Airlines and [in 1941] Aerovias Brasil).  All this in direct competition to Juan Trippe's Pan American.
                                      A brave man indeed to go head to head with Trippe in business manners, and come out as a winner.
                                  .   Seen above is a DC-3 of TACA de Costa Rica at San Jose Airport in the mid 1940s.. TI-160 was
                                      a C-47A-1-DK (built as 42-92279 but flown by the RAF as Dakota 3 FL635) which had previously
                                      been operated by TACA de Honduras as YS-34.