PP-AXL  Douglas DC-3                        (c/n  20463)


                                   Another photograph in the "better than nothing" category.   This aircraft had had an interesting
                                   career even before it joined Aerovias.  As a former C-47A-90-DL it was civilianized as NC69329
                                   before going to Cuba as CU-T-104.  It was then repatriated stateside as N1696M before going to
                                   a corporate owner in Brazil as PP-XEE.   Aerovias acquired it in 1954 and flew it until Varig took
                                   over the airline, whereupon it was one of the few Real-Aerovias DC-3s to be added to their asset
                                   register. It was broken up/scrapped at Congonhas Airport, Sao Paulo in September 1969. Martin
                                   Bernsmuller provides a shot of it (below) in Varig markings at Congonhas in August 1967.