PP-YPQ  Douglas DC-3                           (c/n  12985)


                                       Pre consortium days again.  Here's REAL's PP-YPQ taken from under the starboard wing of an
                                       unknown (probably Aerovias Brasil) DC-4 in 1950.   Note Viacao Aerea Brasil, S.A.(VIABRAS)
                                       DC-3 PP-KAD (c/n 9714) behind the nose of -YPQ and sister DC-3 PP-YPN to the right.
                                       PP-YPQ was yet another C-47A-20-DK (42-93110).  It was sold in the 1960s as PT-BEK
                                       and then went to Sadia as PP-ASS.  Whilst with that carrier it was written off in a forced landing
                                       during a maintenence check flight at Caravelas Airport in March of 1967.