PP-VDA  Lockheed L-1049G  Super Constellation                  (c/n  4610)

                                        By the time (1955) VARIG took delivery of its first Super Constellations, a smart new blue, white
                                        and black livery had been devised.  All the fleet were repainted in this scheme.  This shot shows
                                        the first of the fleet of six of these majestic machines departing Burbank in May of 1955 on delivery
                                        to Brazil.   The lower photograph shows it after its arrival.  For some strange reason the aircraft is
                                        not carrying its "last three" identity on the nose, as was normal.  This was usually done so that
                                        mechanics were sure they were working on the correct aircraft.   Possibly these nose markers
                                        were added on later, although I am surprised the Burbank sign painter wasn't commissioned to
                                        do this.
                                        On the morning of 16 August 1957 the aircraft had arrived at Ciudad Trujillo with the No. 2 engine
                                        inoperative. It was decided to off load the passengers and female cabin crew and continue to New
                                        York via Miami on just three engines
   (???? Yes, really).  The aircraft departed at 15:16 GMT with
                                        the No. 2 prop feathered.  Some 50 minutes later, the No. 4 prop oversped.  The flight crew were
                                        not able to control or feather the propeller and ultimately the prop tore free and damaged the No. 3
                                        propeller as it parted. The No. 3 prop was feathered, leaving only the No. 1 engine operative. Ciudad
                                        Trujillo could not be reached, forcing the crew to ditch the aircraft parallel to the coast at about 500m
                                        off Cabarete in the Domincan Republic.  The aircraft sank to a depth of about 40 feet.   10 of the 11
                                        crew were rescued.