PP-VCF  Curtiss C-46                       (c/n  30283)


                                        PP-VCF was one of the VARIG C-46s which was fitted with Turbomeca Palas turbojets under the
                                        wings which provided increased power for take-off.         This C-46 had led a varied career before
                                        joining VARIG.  After WW II this C-46A-45-CU 42-96621 found itself in North Africa,  It was sold,
                                        from war surplus to the Egyptian carrier SAIDE as SU-AFS.  It was brokered in1951 by Air Carrier
                                        Service Inc to REAL where it became PP-YQE.  VARIG purchased it in July of 1952.    PP-VCF
                                        crashed at Bage, RS, Brazil on 7 April 1957.  A fire had somehow developed in the port main under-
                                        carriage wheel well.   Unfortunately the pilot thought (somewhat understandably in my judgement) that
                                        the fire had started in the engine, and hence feathered the No.1 engine. He then returned to the traffic
                                        pattern for a landing circuit. Needless to say, the port wheel would not lower.  To avoid a belly landing,
                                        the pilot applied full power and tried to go around for another approach to land.     Over the intersection
                                        of runways  05 and 23 the port wing separated from the fuselage, causing the plane to lose control and
  All 40 souls on board were killed.