PP-VBA  Douglas DC-3                             (c/n   14738/26183)


                                        This is an interesting shot as it shows just how much bulkier the C-46 was than the DC-3. 
                                        (The C-46 had a gross take-off weight of 45,000 lbs vs. the 25,000 odd lbs of the DC-3).
                                        PP-VBA was built as a C-47B-13-DK (in a sub block) as 43-48922.  In 1946 it went
                                        initially to Panair do Brasil as PP-PBY but almost immediately was re-assigned to VARIG. 
                                        It was sold in Ecuador in 1967 as HC-AMT.  It was later re-registyetrer in the US as
                                       N22KN and was last reported seen abandoned at Nassau in April 1990.  The C-46 in
                                       the back is PP-VCE.