PP-SPW  Douglas DC-3                           (c/n  17097/34364)


                                     I received this photograph from VASP in 1949.  At that time the only indication of the airline was
                                     a small "VASP" over the door (not visible in this image).  PP-SPW was a late model C-47B-50-DK
                                     built in 1945 (45-1094). Braniff acquired it in 1946 and sent it to their Mexican subsidiary, Aerovias
                                     Braniif as XA-GEG.  When that entity folded in 1948 it was sold to VASP.  This aircraft was written
                                     off in a crash at Ribeirao Preto in Sao Paulo state on 11 December 1950..  This, then, makes the
                                     image, poor that it is, quite rare.