PP-SPR  Douglas DC-3            (c/n  20544)


                                   Another shot I acquired for my unpublished book "Airlines and Airliners of Yesteryear" kindly
                                   supplied by Jennifer Gradidge.   VASP, the state airline of Sao Paulo had a long history, going
                                   back to 1933 when it operated two Monospar ST-4s, PP-SPA and PP-SPB.  In the later
                                   1930s it employed Junkers Ju 52/3Ms and after WW II acquired a creditable fleet of DC-3s,
                                   augmented later with the SAAB Scandias.   PP-SPR was built as a C-47A-90-DL with serial
                                   43-16078  and passed to VASP in January of 1947.  It was damaged beyond repair in an accident
                                   at Loanda in the state of Parana on 11 January 1969.