PP-SPI  Junkers Ju-52/3m                                (c/n  6684)


                                              I have tried to clean up this oft published image of the penultimate Ju-52 acquired by VASP.
                                              (PP-SPJ was the final and seventh machine) but to little avail.  It is still very poor.  The last
                                              two Junkers were not new machines, but were, in fact, 'previously owned', purchased by
                                              VASP in 1942 to replace aircraft which had crashed. .  PP-SPI ('Cidade de Cuiaba') was
                                              the former Colombian Petroleum Corporation's C-209.  When sold by VASP (I believe it
                                              was the only one not scrapped or written off) it became PT-AUX until it, too met with an
                                              accident at Sao Paulo in 1957.