PP-PBK  Lockheed 18-10 Lodestar                              (c/n  2117)


                                        Another cropped image.  This Lodestar was built as a true civil transport in 1941 and escaped
                                        being impressed into the Army Air Corps as a C-57.  It was delivered to Pan American as
                                        NC34910 and almost immediately seconded to Panair do Brasil as one of a fleet of fourteen
                                        similar machines.    The airline actually preferred the Lockheeds to the DC-2/DC-3 since they
                                        cruised at somewhat higher speeds.   After its Panair days were done PP-PBK was sold to
                                        Viacao Aerea Bahiana as PP-BHA.  It later became PT-AND before being repatriated to the
                                        US as as N2881D (and later N353H).