PP-PAZ  Douglas DC-2A                                      (c/n 1324)


                                   As DC-2s go, c/n 1324 was something of an anomaly.  It was originally built for the Standard
                                   Oil Company of California as a plush "club" version of transport for their executives.  In addition
                                   to being fitted with Pratt & Whitney Hornet SDG engines (vs. the normal Wright Cyclones fitted
                                   to most DC-2s) it also had other non standard features.  So much so that I believe (although I am
                                   not certain) that it was built under a special Group 2 Approval Type Certificate (and not under
                                   one of the approved ATC's for DC-2 variants).  This machine also took place in the 1936 trans-
                                   continental Bendix Air races.   It was acquired by Pan American later in 1936 and re-registered
                                   NC30076.  It was transferred to Panair do Brasil in 1941 as my nice shot (courtesy of PAB)
                                   illustrates.   Note Pan Am DC-3 NC25653 (c/n 2193) in left background.  In 1945 PP-PAZ
                                   was sold to the Uruguayan national carrier PLUNA becoming CX-AEG.