PP-CDW  Convair  340-59                                (c/n  159)


                                      In 1964 Cruzeiro do Sul took delivery of four new Convair 340s from the manufacturer.
                                      This nice shot came from a postcard supllied by SACSUL.  PP-CDW was involved in a
                                      serious crash at Sao Paulo's Congonhas Airport on 3 May 1963.   The aircraft had to return
                                      to the originating airport when the the No. 2 engine caught fire.  The captain feathered the
                                      prop and made a left turn.  When on finals for runway 16, the Convair nosed up (45 degrees ),
                                      stalled and struck a house.  37 of the 50 souls on board perished.  Probable cause was given
                                      as  improper procedures used in unfeathering of the No. 2 prop,   i.e. pilot error.