PP-CAX  Junkers Ju-52/3mW                                (c/n  4043)


                                     Two more rare shots from the Joao Novello collection, showing the Ju-52/3m float PP-CAX. 
                                     Above it is seen at a busy river port in northern Brazil in 1934.   The Junkers G-24 in the right
                                     background is PP-CAB*, whilst the W-34  is unidentified.  I have enlarged that section of Joao's
                                     original print (bottom of  page) so that the three Junkers L-5 engines on -CAB can be discerned. 
                                     The shot below shows PP-CAX at the Hydro Terminal at Calabouco in Rio Janeiro.  The build-
                                     ing in the background is the old customs house.   PP-CAX was named 'Curupira' by Condor,
                                     and was the formerly Lufthansa's D-3356, later D-ABIS.  When WW II came along and Condor's
                                     ownership became untenable, many of the early German machines were sold to Argentina, includ-
                                     ing PP-CAX which became T-159 with the Argentine Air Force.     .  It was later civilianized as
                                     LV-ZBD and wound up, Joao tells me, in a museum in Argentina displayed in LADE  livery and
                                     named 'Rio Negro'.. .
                                     *    PP-CAB (c/n 944) was built in 1927 as D-1287 although was shipped almost immediately
                                     to Brazil where it became P-BABA  'Ypiranha'.  It was leased to VARIG from July to Sept 1927.    
                                     It was written off in a crash at Coruripe, Alagoas in October 1938.