PP-CAV  Junkers Ju-52/3mW                              (c/n 4038)


                                           This rare shot comes from Joao Novello and shows a Ju-52/3mW on the Tocantins river, near
                                           Alconaca, State of Para, deep in the Amazonian jungle in 1940.  The photograspher was Santa
                                           Rosa.  Formerly Lufthansa's D-ARUW, the tri-motor was named 'Caicaras' when it joined Condor
                                           Syndikat service in 1939.   When this shot was taken the aircraft was wearing the yellow and green
                                           tail stripes later adopted by successor company SACSUL.   PP-CAV was sold in Argentine when
                                           its days with Cruzeiro do Sul were done.