P-BDAL  Sikorsky S-38B                             (c/n  214-16)


                                         These early Panair do Brasil images are not the best, but they are historic. The S-38s were used
                                         on routes to open up the Amazon region in the early 1930s.  Basically these routes ran from Belem
                                         to Manaus (with many intermediate stops).  In the later 1930s the service was expanded to terminate
                                         in either Tabatinga or Porto Velho.   The airline had six S-38s when it was founded in 1930.  Four
                                         of them came from the NYRBA Line.  This one, along with P-BDAK was an ex Pan American
                                         aircraft (ex NC145M).   It was later re-registered PP-PAL.   A seventh S-38B was acquired in
                                         1932 and registered PP-PAM.  This was ex NC73K but I am not sure who the original owner was.
                                         PP-PAL was written off in July 1933 at Rio de Janeiro.