OB-R-544   Douglas DC-3                           (c/n  13177)


                                    I am not wild about photographs of aircraft with pieces missing.  However, since this is the only
                                    shot I have of a Faucett DC-3 (and this one is courtesy of the Jennifer Gradidge collection) I will
                                    include it.  This DC-3 was a former C-47A-20-DK (42-92383) which went to Hollinger Ungava
                                    Transport after WW II and was operated by Wheeler Airlines as CF-DME.  Following an accident
                                    in Canada it was rebuilt as N2719A.  It was later re-registered N7147, and then went to Faucett
                                    as OB-PBJ-544 before its re-registration to OB-R-544.   It was later sold to the Peruvian Navy
                                    as AT-521, and in 2001 released back to the civilian market as OB-1756 for Hel Peruano. It was
                                    last reported as having been sold to Aerolineas de La Paz at Villavicencio as HK-4292, and is
                                    possibly (2006) still active